Our Village

We’ve all heard the phrase “it takes a village,” and when I started thinking about putting this blog together, I immediately thought of the amazing women in my life. Women that have passions just like I do. Passions that bring happiness, joy, gives them a break from reality and helps them believe in themselves. These passions become stories in life, our lives and I couldn’t help but reach out and ask them to share theirs, whatever it may be. Together we are sharing pieces of ourselves with you, these pieces aren’t perfect but they’re authentic and only a glimpse into other people’s lives.


Food: creating and serving others, Weston A. Price, my zen | Books: Harry Potter, anything Anne Rice, G.R.R.M.
Fine Fragrance: Le Labo (Lys 41, Vetiver 46), Diptyque (Do Son, Philosykos)- mixing and matching… 1 is no fun.
Accessories ALL the Way: Hats, Hats, Hats… Sunglasses are good too | Facials over Massage | Gilmore Girls junkie.
Music: Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, T Rex, Neko Case | Movies: Gone with the Wind, Fried Green Tomatoes, Walk the Line | Winter Recreating: Skiing – X and downhill – I don’t discriminate | Hiking | Summer Recreating: A dock/riverbank/lakeshore and a book |  Hiking | Guilty pleasure: Chuck and Blair | Happy Place: My kitchen in Missoula | Mouth like Sailor… Trucker… You pick | Easy going control freak | Seattle | Montana: 2 Homes | Baby Whisperer (though I will never Birth) | Wife to Scott | Mama to Wolf (Kitty Child) | Free Spirit: I do what I want.


One of my favorite things in life, besides my family, and mountains – mountains are awesome – and my dog because she’s just the best thing ever, is cooking. I love going out to my garden and gathering what I need to put a meal together. I have a love/hate relationship with my raspberry canes but they deliver oodles of delicious raspberries that I turn into jam and tarts so I forgive them all the scratches and thorns and HUGE spiders they throw my way. Also high on my list of favorite things in life is my fondness for reading. I relish being totally immersed in a great book. When the characters are developed so well that I actually love or hate them I know I’ve found a good one. The downside is that a great book tends to take over my life. I find myself forsaking everything else for the book. One more chapter and I’ll get that laundry done. One more chapter and I’ll brush my teeth. One more chapter and I’ll feed my children. It’s my guilty pleasure and I make no apologies for it.



I’ve done a lot of different things, so my past looks like I don’t know what I want. But really, I just refuse to narrow down wanting to do everything! I’ve always somehow successfully sold it as the path of a Perpetually Passionate Person; the Triple-P, baby! Let’s see: zookeeper, bookseller, bartender, skydiver, visual merchandising, retail, degrees in marine bio and vet medicine, and my favorite: illustrator. Son born just last year, husband away half the time flying as a pilot (but we make it work and our life is awesome!). Now that I’m stay-at-home with my little guy, my creativity has possibly never been this intense; I want to draw some stuff, paint other stuff, and maybe make something out of paper and felt. I wake up at night with ideas in my head; it only recently occurred to me to write them down. I don’t believe the “Oh, I’m not creative” I hear from so many; it’s just that there’s so little art left in our lives anymore, we’ve forgotten how to see it where it exists. I love art, but I love science and medicine just as much… and I definitely feel that not only do all three belong together, the world needs to get inspired by them again.
Triple-P, out.



Mom of three, grandma of six. Faith and family are first in my life, but I’m also just finishing a 5-year stint as a literacy specialist/coach at North High School in Minneapolis.

 Come June, I’ll be spending more time on my passions – reading, gardening, baking bread, drawing/watercolor/printmaking, travel, golf, walking/yoga/exercise, visiting museums, photography, shopping, decorating…

You get the idea. At the moment I can’t think of anything I don’t like to do.  Life is good.

Married, two boys (8 and 10), science geek job.  I love to read, like gardening, and really good food, wine, and chocolate make me very happy.  Am fashion and decorating impaired, but fortunately have family members who are not.


cindy_picHaving lost my husband 3 years ago, I have been experiencing life as a widow. Trying to find my way, and fit into society as a single woman, after 39 years of marriage. It has been interesting to say the least. I have a son. I wish I could say I had a lot of hobbies, or creative activities, but I don’t. Still trying to branch out on that. I do love to read, shop, and go to the latest movies. I am eagerly looking forward to the journey that is ahead of me. Who knows what life will hold.