Respirer Paris, cela conserve l’âme.
– Victor Hugo

Breath Paris in, it nourishes the soul.


In March of 2016, I was needing a creative outlet. One morning after driving our kids to school I mentioned to my husband (who hadn’t left for work yet) that I was thinking about starting a blog.

With his back to me since he was making an espresso, he says “you don’t know anything about starting a blog!” I told him that I can learn, I’m a graphic designer and more than capable in figuring out the how it all works and I was really wanting and more importantly needing something to sink my teeth into that I felt passionate about.

Then came “what would you call it?”

I started mumbling out loud something like, “so today I think…” As in, so today I think I’ll share my favorite trends for spring or today I think we should talk about awesome books to read or a good recipe.

He left for work.

Later that same morning, he sends me a text telling me that a .com URL is available if we dropped SO and just went with Today I Think. He was surprised and shocked that it was available. He asked, should we buy it? I thought… really? I didn’t know, should we? What would that mean? Do I really want to get into this? Yes, I do, why not, it’ll be good experience.

We bought the .com!

That was that it was time for the next step.

Not having a clue about what it takes to start a blog site, I started doing research.


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photo: taken spring 2011, first night in Paris