Turn the Work Switch Off.

A work day is never really done and my social work switch is always turned on.

Diagnosing, assessing, watching, listening, caring….it’s the blessing and the curse of a social worker. I’ve come to realize that my job, in my head, is never completely turned off. Some call it taking work home with them while others say, “I have the social work stamp on my forehead.” I often attract friends that need a listening ear or are in constant need of my help. For the longest time, this validated my friendships. At times, I am a better listener than a giver. I enjoy helping my friends with whatever they need. It’s easy for me. I have grown as a person, maybe it’s the nearing of the big 4-0, but I don’t need friendships to be work. I still enjoy blessing my friends, caring for them, loving them, but I don’t need them to be hard. I savor my few healthy friendships that allow me to share and tuck away my struggles and those that listen to me because I need it. I can ask someone how their day is and get a lifetime of trials, give someone a caring comment on their child and get the story of the father’s incarceration. I am the one walking in the mall and see the parent hit their child, I grow concerned. I am the one that sees the little boy lost in the middle of a rough neighborhood and sit with him until police arrive to escort him to safety. I can’t count the times I have called 911 with safety concerns. I don’t believe these incidents happen by coincidence.

Some call it taking work home with them while others say,
“I have the social work stamp on my forehead.”


Is this God’s plan for me? I am in a constant state of service, wondering how I can help those around me. Yes, my job is to walk families through the adoption process. I educate adults on how to parent children from some of the most extreme abuse and neglect situations. It is rewarding and hard work. It is not for the light-hearted. This is not to boast about my good works or deeds, but to acknowledge the work that’s never done for those of us that are called to love people.


Yes, you?

We are ALL called to love the broken hearted, help the lost, guide those who are searching, accept those who struggle and sometimes love the unloveable.

My job is never done – is yours? I would love to hear from you!


(Photo credit Nathan Walker and Joao Silas from Stocksnap.)

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